About Us

Steve Herndon, who is a licensed professional with the Texas State Department of Agriculture, has custom designed and installed several hundred systems in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. Steve has built a reputation of personalized quality customer service and is highly recommended in the mosquito control industry.

All of our techs are fully trained and licensed. We use only the highest quality equipment available.

We will professionally install the system around the perimeter of your home. Precision stainless steel nozzles, connected by high quality nylon tubing, are installed on the gutters or eaves of your home. If you have landscaping or gardens we can use risers to hide nozzles throughout your property.

Typically we install the unit near AC or pool equipment so that it is hidden from sight.

North Texas Mosquito Control also services all brands.

If you want a quote please, contact us.

is your home SAFE against west nile? let us help.


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